Old Growth, by Matt Hughes, releases March 1, 2014

ISBN 9781927400494, 6×9 Trade Paperback, 316 pgs, $25.99
eISBN 9781927400500 $4.99

The long awaited sequel in the Sid Rafferty Thriller series by Matt Hughes, Old Growth, releases from Five Rivers Publishing March 1, 2014 in both print and eBook.

Hughes returns to British Columbia in this installment, where once more Sid Rafferty finds himself unwittingly caught in the cross-purposes of employers and events, this time involving environmentalist with interests not always as benevolent as they might appear, and some of them on the grey side of the law.

The moody cover is the work of Five Rivers’ Art Director, Jeff Minkevics.

Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes has plied the trade of writing first as a journalist, then as a staff speechwriter to the Canadian Ministers of Justice and Environment. From 1979 until a few years ago he worked as a freelance corporate and political speechwriter in British Columbia. He is a former director of the Federation of British Columbia Writers and used to belong to Mensa Canada.

He has won the Crime Writers of Canada’s Arthur Ellis Award, and has been shortlisted for the Aurora, Nebula, Philip K. Dick, and Derringer Awards.

While writing, Hughes and his wife house-sit in various locales around the globe. He can be found through his website.

Old Growth is now available for pre-order.