Wasps at the Speed of Sound contest winner

It didn’t take very long for our fans to react to our Wasps at the Speed of Sound contest.

J.R. Johnson, of Ottawa, Ontario, was the first to decode the Morse Code message in the cover designed by Art Director, Jeff Minkevics.

J.R. Johnson grew up in the folded Appalachian hills, where she learned to love autumn, blueberries straight from the bush, and the stream beneath the willows near her house. The fact autumn is inevitably followed by winter, that picking berries means crossing paths with bears, and the stream was laced with dioxins may also have had some impact on her outlook. She now lives and writes in Ottawa, Ontario. For more on her latest projects visit jrjohnson.me.

Johnson wins 10 eBooks of her choice from Five Rivers’ catalogue. The list requested:

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