Forthcoming in Q3 and Q4 from Five Rivers

This year is a benchmark for Five Rivers, in that we will have nearly doubled our catalogue. And it’s not about quantity, but rather quality. We’re very proud to be bringing to readers worldwide, both new and beloved Canadian authors and publications.
So far this year we’ve released:
  • 88, by Michael R. Fletcher
  • Type, by Alicia Hendley
  • A Method to the Madness: a Guide to the Super Evil, edited by Jeffrey Hite and Michell Plested
  • The Tattooed Witch, by Susan MacGregor
  • Western King: Book 2, The Rune Blades of Celi, by Ann Marston
  • Indigo Time, by Sally McBride

Three of those novels are from debut authors, we’re pleased to say. All of the books are great reading.

October 1, we will release:
  • Black Wine, by Candas Jane Dorsey. This is a reprint of Dorsey’s award-winning speculative fiction novel, and we’re very pleased to include it in our catalogue.
  • The Runner and the Wizard, by Dave Duncan. An original novelette from this much-adored and acclaimed writer of fantasy.
  • Wasps at the Speed of Sound, by Derryl Murphy. We’re pleased to bring back to life this edgy collection of speculative short stories.
  • Terriers of Scotland and Ireland, by Bryan Cummins. An informative book on the breed brought back to life.

Those books will be followed on December 1, with the release of:

  • Out of Time, by David Laderoute. A YA fantasy novel from this debut author we know will capture the hearts and imaginations of people of all ages.
  • Broken Blade: Book 3, The Rune Blades of Celi, by Ann Marston. (Hold on to your seats, Marston fans!)
  • A Quiet Place, by JW Schnarr. A second collection of horror shorts by an author who very much should be on the radar of horror-lovers everywhere.

And that will round out the year at Five Rivers. 

On the docket for 2014 through 2016 are another 45 books we know will inform, entertain, captivate and enlighten you. Join us on this epic journey.