Yet to come in 2013 from Five Rivers

We’ve been very busy around Five Rivers. So far this year we’ve launched four new titles:

  • 88, by Michael R. Fletcher, a riveting debut SF novel.
  • Type, by Alicia Hendley, a second novel from Hendley, travelling into YA SF.
  • A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil, edited by Jeffrey Hite & Michell Plested, a collection of dastardly essays by the world’s villains.
  • Western King: Book 2, The Rune Blades of Celi, by Ann Marston. A revised reprint of Marston’s much-beloved series.

There’s more yet to come this year. Late this summer we should see the release of:

  • Terriers of Scotland and Ireland, by Bryan Cummins. An updated and revised reprint of Cummins original, informative and comprehensive look at the Earth Dogs of Scotland and Ireland.
  • Black Wine, by Candas Jane Dorsey. This is a revised reprint of Dorsey’s acclaimed speculative novel.
  • Indigo Time, by Sally McBride. A debut YA SF novel we think will be a memorable read.

By the close of the year we expect to offer:

  • The Loremasters, by Leslie Gadallah. A revised reprint of Gadallah’s 1988 classic.
  • Old Growth: A Sid Rafferty Thriller, by Matt Hughes. This is the much-awaited sequel to Downshift.
  • Out of Time, by David Laderoute. A debut YA SF novel about friendship, honour and doing the right thing against all odds and despite all barriers.
  • A Touch of Poison, by Aaron Kite. A Wattie Award Winner, and debut fantasy novel with twists and surprises and princesses who defy convention.
  • Broken Blade: Book 3, The Rune Blades of Celi, by Ann Marston. A revised reprint of Marston’s much-beloved series.
  • Wasps at the Speed of Sound, by Derryl Murphy. A revised reprint of Murphy’s edgy and visionary short speculative fiction.
  • A Quiet Place, by J.W. Schnarr. A second collection of horror shorts from this risk-taking author.
  • The Invisible Ape, by John Steckley. A YA nonfiction book about golden gibbons.