Sharing launch of ‘Shakespeare for Readers’ Theatre’, by John Poulsen

Thought we’d share a photo gallery from the launch party of John Poulsen’s Shakespeare for Readers’ Theatre: Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, and Midsummer Night’s Dream, which took place at the Round St. Cafe in Lethbridge, Alberta.

early guest arrive at Round St. Cafe

John Poulsen (far right) coaching the evening’s readers

kibitzing with readers

the books on display

John Poulsen (seat left), Dr. Robert Runte (standing left)

the readers rehearsing

John Poulsen catching sustenance during the event

John Poulsen signing his book

John Poulsen greeting guests

Dr. Robert Runte introducing John Poulsen

“You really should buy this book!”

The performance

Romeo & Juliet kiss

The proud director

Signing copies

How do I tie this thing?