Advance copies of Type now available

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Alicia Hendley’s gripping new YA SF novel, Type, is now available for pre-order at a special 45% discounted price of $18.00. It is also available in EPUB format at the regular price of $9.99.

The novel focuses on the fallout from the Social Media Era, when rates of divorce, crime, and mental illness were sky-rocketing and civilization was at its breaking point. As a result, prominent psychologists from around the globe gathered together to try to regain social order through scientific means.

Their solution? Widespread implementation of Myers-Briggs personality typing, with each citizen assessed at the age of twelve and then sent to one of sixteen Home Schools in order to receive the appropriate education for their Type and aided in choosing a suitable occupation and life partner.

North American society becomes structured around the tenets of Typology, with governments replaced by The Association of Psychologists. With social order seemingly regained, what could go possibly wrong?