Peter Such’s Earthbaby to breathe again

Peter Such

In 2005 Ekstasis Editions published Peter Such’s science fiction novel, Earthbaby, which, despite excellent reviews, quietly slipped out of print.

Over the course of this summer Robert Runte, Lorina Stephens, Marian Hebb and Peter Such came to an agreement to reissue a revised version of that worthy novel, under its original title, Forevering. 

The story remains contemporary in the face of climate change, manipulation of civilian initiatives, and continued global, political unrest.

Such brings with him an illustrious background and career. He is, among many things, an author and educator, Professor Emeritus of York University, and President of the Victoria College of Art. He has published eight books, been an integral founding member of arts organizations (Canadian Periodical Publishers Association among them), magazines (Impulse, to name but one), and technology-based teaching initiatives. He has taught and given seminars as a visiting professor in Helsinki, Cambridge and other European universities as well as in North America.

Five Rivers is thrilled to bring back to life another quintessentially Canadian literary work, from another of Canada’s great writers.

Forevering is scheduled for release in both trade paperback and eBook in 2013.

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