We’re migrating and morphing

To bring us into this new technological age, update our website, and generally streamline our presence and look, we’re combining two domains, our old domain of 5rivers.org which served us well for many years, and our new domain specifically for the publishing house, FiveRiversPublishing.com.

As part of that change we’ll be phasing out the old website at 5rivers.org, and replacing it with an expanded blog/website here at FiveRiversPublishing.com. We’ve installed PayPal buttons in our book catalogue to make purchasing easier, and dispensed with shipping charges. We’ve also added pages that will take you directly to various online booksellers that carry our catalogue, as well as enabled commenting on many of our pages to make you feel part of this dynamic community of writers and editors we’re building.

There will be tweaking over the next few weeks, and as always comments are welcome.

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