Leslie Gadallah joins Five Rivers’ authors

Leslie Gadallah

We’ve been at it again. It’s amazing what happens when you invite people to virtual tea. You discover they’d be happy to throw their lot in with your crazy ship and enjoy the cruise.

Such is the result of discussions between Robert Runte, Five Rivers’ Editor in Chief, and well-known Canadian author, Leslie Gadallah. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be giving life back to Gadallah’s novels, The Loremasters, Cat’s Pawn and Cat’s Gambit. All three novels were formerly published by Del Rey.

Five Rivers will release all three revised novels under new titles in 2013, in both print and eBook formats.

Leslie Gadallah grew up in Alberta and is currently living in Quebec, Canada, with her daughter’s family and two cats, but spends the winters in Arizona. Educated as a chemist, she has worked in analytical, agricultural, biological and clinical chemistry. She has written popular science for newspapers and radio, has served as technical editor, and is the author of three SF novels and a number of short stories.

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