Before We Go Amy Bright

Five Rivers Editor, Amy Bright, launched her first YA novel, Before We Go in Lethbridge, Alberta, Thursday evening (May 24). The book is published by Red Deer Press.

Amy talked about the book, her other writing projects, and her development as a writer She also read two brief excerpts from the novel.

Amy signing her book.

Set in Victoria, one feature of the novel that stands out among YA literature is that it all takes place within a 7 hour time frame one New Year’s Eve. Amy wanted to see if it were possible to have a novel in which adolescents could explore who they are and undergo the necessary character development without the usual lengthy journey of discovery.

The crowd breaking up after Amy’s talk. Over 60 people attended the presentation.

Amy is in the English Ph.D. program at the University of Alberta and reviews at Girl to the Rescue. She brings both scholarship and recent personal experience as a new writer to her position at Five Rivers.

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