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Today’s blogging is essentially an update of our progress here at Five Rivers. Oh, we have been busy. One might even say frenetic.

Here goes:

Mike Fletcher is working on the revision of 88, and should have that to us by the close of April. He says the revision is going well, and that we’ve ruined him for ever again enjoying the act of reading fiction. Apparently phrases like: expository lump, or inconsistent POV, or clumsy phrasing keep going through his head. Sorry, Mike. Well, we’re not really, but we’re grinning evilly.

The introduction to Susan J. Forest’s collection of short speculative fiction, Immunity to Strange Tales, is now being written by our surprise, guest author. We’re right on target with the collection and excitement is building about the launch at When Words Collide. Susan will be there (what would a launch be without the author?), as well a host of other Five Rivers luminaries.

Growing Up Bronx, the collection of short stories/memoir by H.A. Hargreaves officially releases April 1. It’s an excellent companion to his collection of speculative fiction, North by 2000+. Hank will be attending When Words Collide, and will be reading from his collections. That will be a treat you won’t want to miss.

Nate Hendley’s next release, John Lennon: a biography, is now in revision and expected back in April. All going well, we should see a release late spring.

The re-issue of Matt Hughes action thriller, Downshift, is now in galley form and being proofed. Check out our cover. Hot on its heels will be the unpublished sequel, Old Growth. Matt informs us he’s now house-sitting in the south of France. Tough job, Matt, but apparently someone has to do it.

Ann Marston is preparing the first book of The Rune Blades of Celi series, Cloudbearer’s Shadow. Very much look forward to the re-issue of this series, and her appearance at When Words Collide.

Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero, the debut YA novel by Michell Plested, is now in final edit with Mike. We’re just ridiculously excited about this novel (first of a series). And, you guessed it, the novel will be launching at When Words Collide.

Another collection that will be launching at When Words Collide is J.W. Schnarr’s horror shorts, Things Falling Apart. An introduction is now being written for it, and we’re expecting galleys to be produced by the close of April.

And for today, Wednesday, March 14, that’s the state of literature at Five Rivers.

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