Fall Line-up for Five Rivers

We’ve released three terrific titles this summer: The Organic Home Garden, by Patrick Lima and John Scanlan; Crystal Death, by Nate Hendley; and Stonehouse Cooks, by Lorina Stephens.

This fall we’ll follow those successes with two more great releases: Dutch Schultz: the brazen beer baron of New York, by Nate Hendley; and North by 2000+, by H.A. Hargreaves.

Dutch Schultz is a revised and fast-paced version of Nate’s original book about this colourful and psychotic Depression Era gangster. We think this will be a treat for fans of true-crime and bizarre mob stories. Nate Hendley brings to the lexicon of gangster profiles a meticulously researched, very human examination of this legendary figure.

North by 2000+ features not only all the quintessentially Canadian stories of the first edition North by 2000, but five additional previously published short works, along with a foreword from the author, and an introduction by our own Robert Runte.


Both titles will be available in digital and print formats through online booksellers globally, as well as directly from Five Rivers.

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