Great Review for The Organic Home Garden

A great review for Patrick Lima’s The Organic Home Garden appears in the Fall 2011 edition of Garden Making magazine, written by Betty Fox, editor.

Sage advice for the veg bed

Once upon a time, before supermarkets and fast food, we grew most of what we ate, learning how to garden almost by osmosis — everyone in the family pitched in. But for the legions of us who didn’t grow up with a spade in hand, how do we learn what works and what doesn’t?

Reading Patrick Lima’s eloquent, practical The Organic Home Garden is like having a mentor stand beside us as we sow and reap. Lima, well known for his perennial and herb books, has a confidence-boosting approach: “Give the garden your best thought, effort and attitude, and you’ll be surprised and gratified by the generous response.”

The Organic Home Garden is available in both print ($29.95) and digital ($9.99) formats through online booksellers around the world. Ask your indie bookseller to order or stock it. Bookseller inquiries are welcome.