Simon Rose Joins Five Rivers’ Authors

Yesterday Five Rivers reached an agreement to publish the next young adult novel from author Simon Rose, Flashback.

The novel is a reincarnation, time-travel story about young Vancouver-based Max, who finds himself a reluctant investigator into a murder that happened decades ago to David Dexter. Max’s dreams and findings lead him to people it would appear he knew in a previous life and in the end transport back in time and body into the dangerous psychic experiments during the US/Soviet Union Cold War.

Simon Rose joins Five Rivers’ conclave of authors with six children’s novels in print through Tradewind Books, an impressive list of award nominations, and literary award adjudications (the Governor General and Sunburst among them.) A Derbyshire native, Simon now makes his home in Calgary, Alberta. More information about Simon can be found through his website.

Flashback, Simon’s first young adult novel, is slated for release early in 2011.