Anthology Approaching Completion

So I’ve had my head attached to my computer for several weeks straight now, finalizing the content of my upcoming anthology, And the Angels Sang. Last week I decided I needed to have interior illustrations (partly I think out of paranoia over this collection of short stories), and while over the years I have created several water colour and pen & ink paintings and sketches, certainly there were gaps, even with a few guest illustrators featured. And so I played with a medium I haven’t had much chance to truly explore (until recently), that of digital art. What fun!

Now, illustrations complete and a screen-proof complete, my brain hurts, I’m printing galleys to proof (there’s nothing like print to show up errors), and I’m planning on spending the remainder of the afternoon blowing my brains out playing Bejewelled or Mah Jong before finishing folding laundry and doing dishes (erk!) Oh the demeaning tasks creative people are forced to endure! (huge grin!)

Hopefully by the close of Monday I’ll have the galleys proofed and can upload to Lightning Source. I’m both excited and anxious about this, even though the process isn’t new to me.

Just thought I’d spread my paranoia and pleasure out there to all of you.


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