So you’re considering submitting

February 1 to 14 is Five Rivers’ open submission period. What will likely receive favourable consideration this year?

Historical and mainstream fiction and non-fiction based on the Canadian experience. It’s that simple. Our catalogue of SF&F is quite full, and any submissions in those genres will have to be truly original and push the envelope. Humour, the likes of A Town Called Forget will most certainly pique our interest, as will mystery of the calibre of Hunter’s Daughter.

Non-fiction as outlined in our guidelines is welcome.

Our schedule has space for only three or four new acquisitions, so the competition for a publishing agreement is going to be challenging.

And for the love of sanity, please, please, please read our guidelines, and adhere to them. Any submission that doesn’t adhere to the guidelines will be summarily rejected, unread. Apologies if that sounds harsh and unfair.

You might want to scour our blog archives for a series of posts: An Editor Considers… Reading those might give you some added insight.

Look forward to hearing from you. And good luck.