For your isolation reading

We’re offering all our captive (as in isolated) readers worldwide two free ebooks to fill your days, even nights, all as our way of helping you cope with these extraordinary circumstances.

Kingmaker's SwordAllow us to introduce you to the first novel, Kingmaker’s Sword, in Ann Marston’s wonderful fantasy series, The Rune Blades of CeliThis is epic, Celtic-inspired fantasy at its best, beautifully written, completely captivating. Ann creates a believable world, with believable characters. We think Kingmaker’s Sword is a perfect escape, and it’s free starting tomorrow for one week exclusively at Kobo. Kobo’s stats tell me it’s about an eight to nine hour read.

Of course, if you prefer your book in print or audio, we have those available as well, but just not for free. Trade paperback can be had directly from Five Rivers, or through your favourite online bookseller. Audiobook is available through Audible, Amazon and iTunes; links for audio are on the Kingmaker’s Sword page.

9781988274614The second novel we’re offering is my own novel, The Rose GuardianThere’s a little bit of CanLit, a little bit of magic realism, and a lot about unspoken conversations. It, also, is available for free exclusively through Kobo starting tomorrow for one week only. Or, if you prefer print, you can order that through Five Rivers or your favourite online bookseller, but it’s not for free. Kobo’s stats say The Rose Guardian is about a seven to eight hour read.

Stay safe everyone. Stay home. And wash your hands.