And the Angels SangStarting today through August 31, my collection of short stories, And the Angels Sangis free at Kobo! Think of this as my pandemic relief package to all of you.

Recently, R. Graeme Cameron over at Amazing Stories reviewed the collection and had this to say in his summary:

Is this “New Wave” science Fiction? “Feminist” fantasy? The very opposite of the kind of concept-driven pulp fiction I prefer?

Sad puppies need not fear, here. Yes, the majority of protagonists are female. Yes, the characters are emotional, sometimes deeply and overwhelmingly emotional. Yes, in most cases you are “forced” to empathise with their concerns and problems. Oh, the horror, the horror.

But in every case the approach is innovative, the underlying concept original, strong, and powerful. Above all feats of intelligence and imagination that carry futuristic extrapolation to new heights of meaning and complexity. Really good science fiction and fantasy, in other words. Well worth reading. Masterful writing.

Pretty awesome-sauce.

If you do pick up a copy, leave a review, good or bad or indifferent, on Kobo or anywhere else you choose.

Happy reading!