Defining the “Canadian” in the Canadian Voice

“What is Canadian literature? What is a Canadian novel? I am not going to be so foolhardy as to attempt to define these terms; many have wandered into this wilderness—and returned, what else but bewildered if they were honest, or with simplistic or outdated notions if they were naive; this is hardly surprising—the country is changing around us even as we speak, stirring up a host of conflicting ideas and interests, and to look for…

Gifts for short story lovers

For the lover of horror, two great collections by J.W. Schnarr For the lover of classic Canadian SF and a deeper look at an author’s inspiration two inspiring reads by H.A. Hargreaves And for the devotee of speculative short fiction Susan Forest’s collection paired with Derryl Murphy’s or Lorina Stephens’ provocative, great reads all Or for just plain whacky, weird and just a little bit evil

Why We Published: The Books of 2011

By the time 2011 rolled around we were really beginning to ramp up. Robert Runte had joined us as Senior Editor (also known as Wing-Man), and with him he brought an entirely new perspective and invaluable skills. It was under his editorial guidance we released The Organic Home Garden, by Patrick Lima and John Scanlan. Patrick Lima approached me late in 2010, wondering if I’d be interested in publishing a revised version of his orphaned book….