May Sale

In celebration of spring, Five Rivers is having a May Sale. Until May 31, 12:00 a.m., select titles are only $5.00 through our secure, online shopping cart. Why not pick up a read for your upcoming vacation, or buy all five? At this price they’re a steal.  $5.00 until May 31, 2011  $5.00 until May 31, 2011 $5.00 until May 31, 2011 $5.00 until May 31, 2011 $5.00 until May 31, 2011

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

A purely personal post this afternoon, with a bit of a revelation: I entered the Amazon Breathrough Novel Award (ABNA). My entry is the first novel I published, Shadow Song. It’s an historical fantasy, based upon an actual tragedy that occurred in the early 1830s in the village of Hornings Mills, Ontario. For the most part, Shadow Song has received four and five star reader reviews, as well as a few starred reviews from blog reviewers….

Goodreads Festive Season Sale

Exclusively at Goodreads, all of Five Rivers eBooks are available from now until January 1, 2011 for a mere $1.00. It’s our way of saying thank you to all the people who support and believe in indie presses, and who love interesting and eclectic books. The eBooks are all in ePub format, and so easily read on most readers and computers. If you do avail yourself of this special offer, we’d love to read your…

Chat with Lorina Stephens

In our continuing efforts to allow fans and readers access to our authors, we decided to open another discussion on Facebook with the woman who started it all here at Five Rivers, author and publisher, Lorina Stephens. Here’s your opportunity to query Lorina about any of her books, the writing process, and publishing. The discussion will be ongoing. However, three participants will receive a copy of one of her books, in either print or digital…