Joe Mahoney to launch A Time and a Place

If you’re in the Toronto area, Thursday, October 26, you might want to think about attending what’s promising to be an entertaining, and laughter-filled evening with Joe Mahoney who will be launching his debut SF novel, A Time and a Place.  The launch takes place at the remarkable Merril Collection of Speculative Fiction and Fantasy, 239 College Street, 3rd floor, between 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Joe will be reading from his novel, and Bakka Phoenix Books…

Publisher’s Weekly reviews A Time and a Place, by Joe Mahoney

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed Joe Mahoney’s debut SF novel, A Time and a Place, and we’d have to say it’s glowing. Debut author Mahoney sends a mild-mannered fellow on an interdimensional journey in this entertaining, chaotic adventure. Barnabus Wildebear needs to know why his teen nephew and ward, Ridley, is acting so strangely. Unfortunately the cause is an ominous entity, possibly a demon, named Iugurtha. She whisks Ridley away to dimensions unknown while implanting mysterious information in Barnabus’s mind…

The audiobooks are coming!

Audiobooks are coming to Five Rivers’ catalogue of books, with the first releasing this summer, that being From Mountains of Ice, by Lorina Stephens, and narrated by Díana Majlinger. That audiobook will be quickly followed by the first in Ann Marston’s Rune Blades of Celi series, Kingmaker’s Sword, narrated by Austin Vanfleet, A Time and a Place, written and narrated by Joe Mahoney, and a cascade of others to follow. All we be available through Audible, Amazon and iTunes, with possible distribution to…

Joe Mahoney and Saturday Night Scribes

Joe Mahoney, author of the forthcoming novel, A Time and a Place, recently interviewed the members of his writers’ group (which includes Tanah Haney), the Saturday Night Scribes, about why they meet, the creative process, and the benefits of feedback. Joe and crew graciously agreed to allow Five Rivers to share that video.

A Creative Process, by Joe Mahoney

In which Joe Mahoney reflects upon the creative process for his debut novel, A Time and a Place. I wrote the first words of the novel that eventually became A Time and a Place in July 1988. I made the final correction to the manuscript about a week ago, in April 2017. So technically it took me almost 29 years to finish the novel. I hasten to add, I haven’t been working on it all that time….