Nate Hendley appears on AHC

Two interviews with Nate Hendley appear today on the American Heroes Channel. A year ago in New York city Last year Nate was in the hustle and hype of New York City being interviewed for the Mafia series by The American Heroes Channel. He spoke about gangsters Dutch Schultz and Al Capone, “who are not considered heroes, in case anyone wondered,” says Nate. If you subscribe to AHC, you may be able to catch the…

Nate Hendley’s crime bio, Al Capone coming in audio

Nate Hendley’s hugely popular biography, Al Capone: Chicago’s King of Crime, will be available in the early fall of 2018 as an audiobook. Narrated by John Campagna, the biography is a concise, well-researched overview about this most renowned and infamous of gangster, Al Capone. John Campagna brings to the audio production a considerable body of experience, with a very resonant baritone voice, good enunciation and cadence. Al Capone, Chicago’s King of Crime, presently ranks 332 on Amazon’s books…

Gifts for crime fans

This holiday season you might consider some perfect pairings from Five Rivers for your gift-giving, in either print or eBook. For the lover of true-crime stories, might we suggest… Al Capone: Chicago’s King of Crimeby Nate Hendley Dutch Schultz: the brazen beer baron of New Yorkby Nate Hendley Crystal Death: Methamphetamine, North America’s #1 Killer Drugby Nate Hendley Steven Truscott: Decades of Injusticeby Nate Hendley

Why We Published: the Books of 2010

By 2010 Five Rivers was beginning to solicit the interest of a few more authors. Late in 2009 I was approached by Nate Hendley who had a shelf full of orphaned titles, and he wondered if I’d be interested in giving life to any of them. Nate Hendley (right) with his sister, Alicia Hendley (left)at Word on the Street, Toronto, 2010. I have to say right from the outset I was impressed with Nate Hendley….

Dutch Schultz: brazen beer baron of New York

One of Five Rivers’ fall releases is Dutch Schultz: brazen beer baron of New York, another in the crime biography series by Nate Hendley. In creating the cover for the Schultz book, we wanted to create a look similar to the Al Capone book, but unique enough that it would stand on its own. Both covers are the work of Five Rivers’ publisher, Lorina Stephens, who has a background in fine and graphic art, and…