A decade publishing and another great year

Who knew a decade would fly by so quickly! Indeed it is 10 years since we decided to give voice to Canadian authors. The line-up for 2018 is, quite frankly, very exciting. Five Rivers is releasing a series of great new books, both fiction and non-fiction, starting with the release February 1 of a new installment in Dave Duncan’s wildly popular King’s Blades fantasy series, One Velvet Glove. Duncan, a CSFFA Hall of Fame inductee,…

New, lower prices on print books

Thanks to a reduction in our print costs, and a strengthening loonie, we’ve lowered the price on all our print books. That reduction is now live on our website. That price reduction will be effective through all our retail partners worldwide as of October 1, 2017. You may now commence shopping and your version of a happy dance.

Forward into 2017

Well look at that. Another new year. What’s in store at Five Rivers Publishing this year? Oh my, such a lot. We’re building on the successes of previous years with a line-up of new releases we think are going to fascinate you. February 1 First up is a remarkable and prodigious work of experimental archaeology in Michelle Enzinas’ Big Buttes Book: Annotated Dyets Dry Dinner (1599), by Henry Buttes, with Elizabethan Recipes. This is a fascinating tome….

Closing 2016

We’re closing in on the end of another year. What seems to have been a pivotal year for so many individuals and nations alike, on both a small and grand scale. From the micro perspective, it’s been a good year for Five Rivers Publishing. We’ve retained the brilliance and expertise of a remarkable group of creative folk throughout the publishing process. We’ve published some simply stunning works this year, books and authors worthy of your…

Joe Mahoney to publish novel with Five Rivers

We’re very pleased to announce Whitby author, Joe Mahoney, will be releasing his debut novel, A Time and a Place, October 1, 2017 through Five Rivers Publishing. Joe Mahoney works full-time for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where he’s helped make many radio shows over the years, including Writers and Company, Quirks and Quarks, and Q. He’s produced documentaries on science fiction for The Arts Tonight and The Current. He produced Six Impossible Things, a compilation of short…