First Appearance of Smashwords Distribution

In my daily check of various marketing strategies Five Rivers employs, I was very pleased to find today the distribution we chose to undertake through Smashwords has taken effect. All our books are now available, in all digital formats, through Barnes and Noble.

This is the first of many channels into which Five Rivers eBooks will stream. In the coming weeks you should be able to find our digital books at Amazon and Sony, and if all goes well with the morphing Shortcovers to Kobo, Five Rivers’ eBooks will be available there as well.

For now, Paul Lima’s book can be found at:

Lorina Stephens’ books at:

Deb Salisbury’s book at:


  1. Lorina, I'm looking into Smashwords now. Did you assign ISBNs to all the formats or let Smashwords assign one? Also, how long did it take from the time you uploaded to Smashwords until your books appeared at B&N? Thanks!

  2. I assign all my own ISBNs.
    It took about four weeks from the time I uploaded to Smashwords until our books appeared on B&N. There is a dashboard on your Smashwords profile that notifies you of distribution dates. Thereafter appearance of titles depends on how quickly the recipient of the feed integrates the data.

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