Settling into 2010

It would seem 2010 is going to be about change, new frontiers and the realization of dreams, at least if the first four days of this new year are any indication.

The year here started out very much on a personal note, with a somewhat sudden decision to launch into a full-blown kitchen renovation, precipitated by a Christmas gift of a new dishwasher. The dishwasher wouldn’t fit the old (c. 1960) cupboards and counter, which meant removal of old and installation of new cabinets and counter. However, the floor in this 130 year old house sags in the middle (nothing structurally unsound, just a tired old house), and so that meant shimming of cabinets or levelling of floor by installing a new subfloor. And that means new surface. And if you’re doing that, well, why not purchase that new fridge that’s on sale before the old one (19 years old) up and dies? And the remainder of the cabinets? And bring in the propane people to plumb in for a new propane range? And well before you know it your kitchen sink is disconnected, you’re camping in the dining-room and facing three months of upheaval. Funny how these things go.

Later this week the new steel roof and skylight installation will continue, which includes new eaves, fascia and soffit. New life-time bonnet for the old girl which corrects the icing problem, and floods light into the loft where Five Rivers’ office is located.

And as if all that weren’t enough change and newness, the debut book (5000 Mile Journey) from Kelly Stephens landed on my desk (virtually) New Year’s Day, and is promising to be a remarkable, powerful book that will make you weep, laugh, despair and set your spirit (can’t wait to publish this), and the first manuscript from Nate Hendley (Crystal Death) will arrive on my desk this week.

All of that is to be followed by another five manuscripts from Nate this year, a novel from his talented sister, Alicia Hendley, another from young adult novelist Simon Rose, and one from gardening gurus Patrick Lima and John Scanlan.

Somewhere in all of that editing, publishing, promotion and marketing there’s my own novel to be written, The Rose Guardian, as well as vetting of any new material that comes Five Rivers’ way.

It’s going to be a busy year. Looking forward to it with great excitement and optimism.