Settling into 2010

It would seem 2010 is going to be about change, new frontiers and the realization of dreams, at least if the first four days of this new year are any indication. The year here started out very much on a personal note, with a somewhat sudden decision to launch into a full-blown kitchen renovation, precipitated by a Christmas gift of a new dishwasher. The dishwasher wouldn’t fit the old (c. 1960) cupboards and counter, which…

Nate Hendley: Upcoming Books

As many of you know Five Rivers is re-publishing five of Nate Hendley’s books next year, revised and updated, as well as releasing early in 2011 a new book on China as an emerging superpower. We’ve been busy working on covers for some of Nate’s books, and thought we’d give a sneak preview at these dynamic releases. For more information, go to Five Rivers’ at