Shocking and Insightful Book from Nate Hendley

In the coming months we will be pleased to release Nate Hendley’s shocking and insightful book on methamphetamine, Crystal Death.

Originally published by now defunct Altitude Publishing under the title of Crystal Meth, we decided to pick up the book when Nate offered it to us in 2009. Nate went back to the computer and completely revised, updated and reworked the book to reflect Canadian as well as American statistics, adding new interviews with addicts, case workers and health and law enforcement officials. The result of that is a book we feel very strongly about, one we’d suggest is required reading for parents, educators, adolescents and anyone dealing with the problems of substance abuse and its prevention.

The cover for Crystal Death are two images of user Theresa Baxter, who has allowed her photographs to be used in the interest of preventing other people from crawling into the dark cave of crystal meth. The image in the background is of Theresa in 2002 after an arrest for identity theft and fraud. The second was taken 3 1/2 years later.

Crystal Death is now in the final stages of editing, and scheduled for release in the spring of 2011.