J.W. Schnarr to publish A Quiet Place with Five Rivers

J.W. Schnarr

Here at Five Rivers we very much believe in supporting and showcasing the literary art form of the short story. Not easy to write, a short story requires intense focus and sharp development, which, if done well, will leave a reader wanting more.

As a literary art form for the 21st century, the short story slides effortlessly into our tech-savvy and busy lifestyles, allowing readers an intense experience in a capsule of time stolen while commuting, waiting to pick someone up, or an appointment.

In keeping with that, we’re pleased to announce horror writer, J.W. Schnarr has put together another collection of short fiction, A Quiet Place, which will be published by Five Rivers late 2013.

We’re keen about this new collection, because the stories mark a distinct development in Schnarr’s very aggressive style, yet demonstrate a growing subtlety into the psychological over the physical.

Kelly Stephens is the editor for this collection, and says, “Some stories I found to have incredible strength.”

Schnarr’s previous collection, Things Falling Apart, was released by Five Rivers in August 2012, and like it, A Quiet Place will be released in both trade paperback and eBook.