YA Prime Minister Series

In 2006 Jack Fruit Press published a series of eleven books aimed at middle-school readers on the Prime Ministers of Canada. In 2010 Jack Fruit Press, like so many small publishing houses, closed its doors.

While the books were remaindered and are still available through online booksellers, they are currently considered out of print.

Five Rivers has now committed to bringing that series back to life in a series of revised, updated biographies, some written by the original authors from Jack Fruit. Starting late 2013, young readers, educators and parents will be able to obtain a fresh view of all 22 of Canada’s Prime Ministers in both print and eBook formats.

Kelly Stephens has been appointed as editor for the series. She brings with her an excellent knowledge of history, Canadian politics and academia. Artwork is under the aegis of Five Rivers’ accomplished Art Director, Jeff Minkevics.

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  1. I have the Lester B. Pearson book and would like to get the rest of the series for our school libraries. Excellent read and information, great graphics for middle and high school. Thanks for reprinting.

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