Michelle Enzinas to publish 16th century cookbook with Five Rivers

We’re always on the lookout for esoteric, fascinating and intelligently written books. One of our first publications was a dictionary of historical colour names, uses and definitions by Deb Salisbury.

When we heard about a project on which Michelle Enzinas was working, we discussed her research with her, and the result of that is a publishing agreement.

Michelle Enzinas has spent 15 years as an historical re-enactor and amateur domestic technologies archaeologist, and 20 years dealing with food allergies and research into food security issues. An avid wrestler, she claims much of her cooking is an extension of her interest in self-defence.

Previously Michelle has self-published a medieval cookbook, as well as a series of cooking columns in historical re-enactment journals and newsletters. She has a bachelor of science in psychology from Acadia University.

Michelle lives in Ottawa, Ontario, where her experimental cooking is enjoyed by her husband, and eyed suspiciously by her daughter.

The book, The Annotated Henry Butte’s Dry Dinner, is an experimental archaeological study of Henry Butte’s 16th century cookbook (which originally examined food combinations and their impact upon health according to the theory of humours). Enzinas brings to this publication her own painstaking empirical and academic studies and experiments, which expands into flora and fauna of the area and period, cooking technologies, and comparison of Butte’s book to other contemporaneous works. All models in any of the photographic work in the book will be attired in appropriate late 16th century, commoner’s costume. 
The Annotated Henry Butte’s Dry Dinner, is slated to release early in 2016.
Michelle Enzinas
presenting one of her fabulous great pies

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