Review of Michell Plested’s Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero

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Over at View from Valhalla there is a glowing review for Michell Plested’s YA novel, Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero. Among other things, the reviewer says:

Odin’s recommendation: If you can afford this book, buy it. Yes, it is a kids book. Preteen. However, I think most adults will be able to draw correlations between Mik’s adventures and their own childhoods. Most young children will be able to retain their curiosity in Mik as he gallops through his many mini-adventures presented in small vignettes while retaining a cohesive larger story.
I truly enjoyed Mik Murdoch and was delighted with the way Mr. Plested presented this charming story. Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero is a sweet, enchanting, delightful adventure that should appeal to the child in all of us.

For the full review visit View from Valhalla.

Plested is presently working on the revision of book two of the series: Mik Murdoch: The Power Within, slated for release later this year.

Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero is available in print, eBook and audiobook from Five Rivers, online booksellers globally, and select bookstores like The Game Shelf.