#FTR Week: Allowance for Failure

Web Banner from freedomtoread.ca. // Barbara Klunder (illustration), Reva Pomer (design), Webcom (printing) Another day in Freedom to Read week where we get to encourage people to read what they want by having someone tell you not to. Yes. That’s our angle. Dear Five Rivers Publishing, I really must protest. I have spent many years trying to get my children to conform to society. Excessive imagination and self-reliance are not things that will help my…

From Five Rivers to You

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Michell Plested interviews Nowick Gray on Get Published

Michell Plested, author of the popular YA series, Mik Murdoch, also authors and maintains an informative podcast, Get Published.  Recently Michell interviewed Nowick Gray about his newly released murder-mystery which is set in Ungava. The podcast can be found here. And the first reader reviews are beginning to come in. This 4-star review on Goodreads. Hunter’s Daughter is available in print and eBook from online booksellers worldwide, and directly from Five Rivers.

Michell Plested signs contract for third book in Mik Murdoch series

A Crisis of Conscience to release August 1, 2016 Michell Plested Calgary, Alberta author, Michell Plested, signed a publishing agreement this month with Five Rivers Publishing for the third book in his young readers’ series Mik Murdoch.  The first novel, Boy Superhero, was released in 2012, in which nine-year-old Mik Murdoch’s ambition to protect his prairie town of Cranberrry Flats reveals his quest to acquire super-powers, and in doing so Mik finds the most awesome power of all lies within…

Michell Plested signs books for eager young readers

Michell Plested appeared at the Ponoka Jubilee Library September 13 to read from the first two novels in the Mik Murdoch YA fantasy series. Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye from the Ponoka News interviewed him. We’re pleased to present that interview here. Author of young adult books, Michell Plested, autographs his newest book to fans at the Ponoka Jubilee Library Sept. 13. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye By Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye – Ponoka NewsPublished: September 17, 2014 1:00 PM Updated: September 17, 2014 1:48…