Debut novel from Albertan author Susan Bohnet

When Five Rivers’ Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Robert Runté heard Susan Bohnet’s pitch for My Life as a Troll at Calgary’s When Words Collide, he was immediately taken by the concept.

August 1, 2014 sees the realization of several years of hard work from Bohnet and that successful pitch, in the release of a deliciously humorous and captivating YA novel, My Life as a Troll.

available August 1, 2014
from Five Rivers Publishing
and online booksellers internationally
ISBN 9781927400630, 344 pages, 6×9 trade paperback, $26.99
eISBN 9781927400647 $4.99

The premise of the novel revolves around young Jared dealing with family friction, the school bully, and the discovery of girls. As a result Jared seeks refuge in Lavascape, the hottest new Internet game around. But, there’s something creepy about how addicting the game is and how troll-like Jared starts to become in real life.
Susan Bohnet has an Associate Degree in Arts and Letters with a major in psychology from Ricks College and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Human Resource Development from Brigham Young University. She lives in Alberta with her husband, five children, and a cute (but rather naughty) Yorkshire terrier. She has written a newspaper column called Family Frenzi for eighteen years and has had two short stories published. My Life as a Troll is her first novel. She can be found at

The cover is the genius of Five Rivers’ Art Director, Jeff Minkevics, who was going for contrasts and transitions both to reflect the contrasts and transitions in the narrative of Bohnet’s novel, and as a visual hook.
My Life as a Troll releases in both print and eBook August 1, and launches at this year’s When Words Collide.

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