Mik Murdoch: The Power Within receiving rave reader reviews

Reader reviews are now coming in on Goodreads for Michell Plested’s newest installment in the Mik Murdoch series: Mik Murdoch: The Power Within. 

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It would seem Mik, and Mike, are pleasing fans.

Jeffrey Hite

The in interest of full disclosure Michell Plested is a good friend of mine and a co-edit on a couple of projects we have worked on together, and I was given my Advanced Readers Copy in return for a fair and honest review. Though I would have gladly paid full price for the book having read the first one.

Warning there are mild spoilers of both book one and book two but nothing you can get over.
In this second book in the series Mik Murdoch Boy Super Hero continues in his efforts to protect his fair town of Cranberry Flats, but with his Super Hero Librarian Friend moved to the city and him left with only the hope of a super power to come, what is a boy to do? Well he could eat the berry given to him by the guardian, but who knows what will come of that. When troubles at school, his friends leaving town, and something weird going on with his health, his parents decide that a summer at the lake might just be the right thing for them all. When he bumps into his idol and gets a chance of a life time, the summer just gets more and more complicated.

If you read the first, book or even if you didn’t you will enjoy this book. While I loved the first book, this one is head and shoulders above it, Michell Plested has really grown as a writer and a story teller. Even though he is a year older now, Mik still relies on his parents and turns to them in times of trouble, far from the norm of most absent or brainless parents found in most YA novels.

While his super powers and what he discovers at the lake are a bit out there Mik himself is truly down to Earth. He has every day concerns, his Dog Krypto, his dad who has to keep going back into town for work, and his mom who is a bit lonely out at the lake, not to mention some pesky creatures who keep messing with them, and girl near his own age in the cabin down the beach.

This book is a quick read, but just long enough to make it truly enjoyable, and just short enough to leave you wanting more.

I am still reading it to my kids (one chapter a night) and they are always asking for more.(less)

Jade Brooke

Mik’s back, and better than ever! Him and his best friend, Krypto, go on another adventure! This time, we find the two at the lake. They meet some new friends, and help solve a mystery. Mik does learn a hard lesson at the end, but he takes it in stride! I really love the character Mik, as he genuinely cares for those around him. He’s always eager to his his family, he’s polite to others, and he’s got an endless supply of energy I wish I had! I will admit to sneaking in a few pages while at work, as I really needed to know what happened! I must say I love the super power that the berry gave Mik!

If you like adventure and mystery, this book is the one for you! (less)