It’s the third Slackers!

Continuing in the madcap, shredded, reconstructed, irreverent, hang-on-to-your seats series Shakespeare for Slackers, Aaron Kite and Audrey Evans have delved into the boiling, toiling, troubling pot of Macbeth and created a dastardly delightful modern take on The Bard’s dark and legendary work.

ISBN 9781927400739 7 x 10 Trade Paperback $17.99
eISBN 9781927400746 $4.99

We give you the Slackers version of Act 1 Scene 1:

The place: Scotland and England. Though, I guess that’s two places, actually….

Act 1 Scene 1 — Some desert with really sucky weather.

(Three hags in pointy hats show up).

First Witch
So, when are we going to do this thing? Or are we just here to enjoy the weather?

Second Witch
We’ll have to wait until those silly boys are done fighting.

Third Witch
They’ll be done today, I think.

First Witch
Good, my broom is getting soaked. Where should we hook up?

Second Witch
How about that other place in the middle of nowhere?

Third Witch
Good call. That’s where Macbeth will show up.

First Witch
Ooo, do I hear an impatient kitty meowing over there? I’m coming, Mister Greymalkin! Does woogums want a treat?

Second Witch
Let’s wrap this up. My frog’s getting hungry.

Third Witch
Good idea.

White is black and black is white,
Grant us now the power of flight.

(They zip away on broomsticks)
Shakespeare for Slackers: Macbeth releases March 1, 2015, and is now available for pre-order.