Five Rivers to release Dave Duncan’s 50th novel

Dave Duncan

Vancouver Island author, Dave Duncan, will see the release of his 50th novel April 1, 2015, through Five Rivers Publishing.

ISBN 9781927400791 6 x 9 trade paperback, 200 pages, $17.99
eISBN 9781927400807 $4.99

The novel, The Eye of Strife, reveals Dave Duncan at his best: Sword fights and romance, miracles and mystery, treachery and sly humour. A god summons a curious assortment of witnesses to his temple to testify on what they know about a jewel lost a thousand years ago. At least one of them is guilty. Others are lying.

Duncan’s career as a novelist started in 1984, with his first sale (A Red Rose City) occurring in 1986 to Del Rey. That prompted him to retire from 30 years as a geologist in the petroleum industry and write full time. He has won two Prix Aurora Awards for his work, and is represented by the Richard Curtis Agency.

The Eye of Strife is his fourth publication with Five Rivers Publishing and was the result of discussions between senior editor, Robert Runté and Duncan, which very quickly resulted in a publishing agreement. Duncan says, “I’ve lost count of how many publishers I’ve had in my career, but I enjoy Five Rivers more than any.”

Perhaps that preference comes about because of the publishing culture at Five Rivers, where Duncan and all the authors under Five Rivers’ aegis have found the latitude to pursue themes and stories larger houses would eschew.

“We believe allowing authors the freedom to create the stories they want to create results in a vibrant enterprise which can only translate to success on many levels,” says publisher, Lorina Stephens.

The Eye of Strife releases April 1, 2015 in both print and digital.

The cover is by Five Rivers’ art director, Jeff Minkevics, who wanted to create a blockbuster, Jeffrey Archeresque feeling. 
The Eye of Strife is now available for pre-order.



  1. You can order directly from Five Rivers, or choose your favourite online bookseller. Data from the distributor hasn't been completely updated by some booksellers, but should be in a few days.

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