Joe Mahoney signs with Five Rivers Publishing

Joe Mahoney signed with Five Rivers Publishing for his forthcoming SF novel A Time and Place. Mahoney met with Dr. Robert Runté , Senior Editor of Five River Publishing, at CANCON 2015 (The Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature) in Ottawa on October 30th. Dr, Runté found Mahoney’s novel “truly unique” with its “fast-paced and twisty adventure… with its undercurrent [of] humour”. Dr. Runté further added A Time and Place possess an “absurdist edge” that is distinctly Canadian SF.

Mahoney described his novel, on the prosaic level, as “about a fellow by the name of Barnabus J. Wildebear who must rescue his nephew who’s been recruited by an alien to help fight a war halfway across the galaxy… Ultimately Wildebear is forced to choose sides in a war between two ancient evils: one, an entity calling herself Knowledge Incarnate, and the other the last survivor of an entire civilization destroyed by Knowledge Incarnate.” On a deeper level, Mahoney described the underlying theme of family which is inclusive of alien species.

Future readers will accompany Wildebear to the past, and to alien worlds where they will meet an assortment of creatures like a disgusting alien named Jacques, an artificial intelligence named Sebastian and an alien cat named Sweep of the Paw.

Watch out for this adventure in 2017.

About the Author
Joe Mahoney works full-time for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where he has toiled on many radio shows over the years, including Writers and Company, Quirks and Quarks, Ideas, and Morningside. He is a founding producer of the show Q. He made radio plays for a decade, working with some of the finest actors, directors and writers Canada has to offer, on productions such as The Merchant of Venice, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Afghanada.

He’s produced documentaries on science fiction for The Arts Tonight and The Current. He produced Six Impossible Things, a compilation of short fantastical fiction, curated by Nalo Hopkinson, for Between the Covers, and wrote and produced Faster Than Light, hosted by Robert J. Sawyer, for Sunday Showcase. He engineered and story-edited Steve the First, a post-apocalyptic science fiction radio play mini-series, and its sequel, Steve the Second, which won a silver Mark Time Award. He produced and directed the pilot of Canadia: 2056, and story-edited all subsequent episodes. He is responsible for all the funniest bits.

Joe is a member of SF Canada, a professional writers’ organisation for writers of speculative fiction. His short fiction has been published in Canada, Australia and Greece. He has been nominated twice for an Aurora Award, one of Canada’s top awards for science fiction and fantasy, for his SF work on CBC Radio.

These days Joe is Senior Manager of Media Support for the CBC. He lives in Whitby with his wife and two daughters and their golden retriever and Siberian forest cat.
He can be found online at

Follow him on twitter @ilanderz