#FTR Week: Allowance for Failure

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Another day in Freedom to Read week where we get to encourage people to read what they want by having someone tell you not to.

Yes. That’s our angle.

Dear Five Rivers Publishing,

I really must protest. I have spent many years trying to get my children to conform to society. Excessive imagination and self-reliance are not things that will help my kids blend into the background so they can live boring but safe lives.

And then you bring out your Mik Murdoch books (beginning with that most shameful atrocity, Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero). Boy Superhero? Really?

I wish I could say it was mindless drivel – that I could support. More mindless drivel is needed to help shape tomorrow’s youth.

Unfortunately, Mik Murdoch is not that. You have the audacity to publish something that encourages risk and free-thought—the character wants to be a superhero for goodness sake. I simply cannot condone it; promoting these things can only lead to dreams, and from dreams comes trying, and from trying…I shudder to say this, but from trying comes a risk of failure.

My children don’t need to experience failure. They need to live knowing that mediocrity is safe and should be sought after. They need to know that good things are their due without effort.

All that being said, I must insist you stop publishing such hopeful tripe. I am certain you were only misguided by the hack, Michell Plested. As such, you cannot be held responsible for this book.

In good conscience,

Edith Buckley

We don’t know about you, but we think Mrs. Buckley wants to kill ambition. To save ambition and keep it alive, please adopt a copy of Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero. You can find your copy at Amazon, Kobo or Indigo! Also watch out for Mik Murdoch, Crisis of Conscience. Updates coming really soon.

Let us know how you’ve been exercising your right to read. Happy Freedom to Read Week!