New Website, New Look!

Welcome to Five Rivers Publishing’s new website!

We’ve worked very hard to make our new website more functional, visually pleasing, and extremely mobile friendly.

You’ll find all our books here, but now each book has its own page, as does each author. That will make it easier for you to share your favourite books and authors with your friends and colleagues.

And we’ve simplified our shopping cart to make it easier for you to purchase either the print or ebook version. As an ebook bonus, you’ll now be able to use a link we send you immediately where you can download the epub version of your book.

There’s a contact form to simplify any queries you may have. And for submissions we’ve created a form for that as well.

And check out the sliders we’ve included on our home page! Very cool stuff, not only of our existing catalogue, but of all the books which have either won literary awards, or been short-listed. With some of the new novels we’re publishing this year, we think that awards slider may very well increase next year.

Lots of good changes. Lots of growth. And thank you to all of you who have supported and cheered us over the past eight years.