Michael R. Fletcher reviews The Mermaid’s Tale

Michael R. Fletcher, author of Beyond Redemption, and 88recently reviewed D. G. Valdron’s forthcoming debut novel, The Mermaid’s Tale. 

9781927400975slider“He said the Arukh only had one word. It was their word for rage and for pain, for fighting and dying. It was a word spoken in sorrow and anger. It was the word they said to a world that didn’t want them, that had no place for them. It was loneliness and defiance and in the end it was sorrow and surrender. ‘Arrah’ he told me, it was all the words the Arukh needed.”

This book is violent and brutal and haunting and beautiful.

If I could give this a sixth star I would.

“We are born alone. We will die alone. But perhaps we do not need to live alone.”