Five Rivers welcomes Jessica Allain to the creative team

Jessica Allain
Jessica Allain

We are pleased to welcome artist, Jessica Allain, to our creative team.

Jessica Allain is a self taught digital artist who was born and raised on the East Coast of New Brunswick, Canada. Jessica began painting at an early age, and was always interested in artistic pursuits well into adulthood. As a young adult Jessica began oil painting, and had many of her pieces featured in community galleries as well as local restaurants and cafes.

In 2008, while in Montreal, Jessica was involved in a serious car accident which required her to have subsequent surgeries. As a result, Jessica was unable to stand for long periods of time and paint in a traditional form. While browsing on the net one day, she discovered a website for artists and began exploring. She became especially drawn to digital art, she loved the bold colours and lighting effects that could be created through the medium. Jessica then decided to purchase Photoshop, and try to teach herself the functions of this program so she could get back to doing what she loved.

The process of learning this new program was at times very frustrating as well as overwhelming for her. After a year of working with the program she gained the courage to post her work online. People seemed to really like what she was doing, and she felt encouraged to keep going. After two years of working with Photoshop, authors began approaching her to work on their book covers. Businesses also approached her for their graphic needs.

In 2010, she had her first book cover published on Amazon. Since then, her work has been featured on more than 80 book covers, as well as magazine publications.

In October 2016, her work will be on display in Montreal at the Gallerie Repaire des 100 talents along with over 100 other Canadian artists.

Jessica also goes by her artist name Enchanted Whisper, and can be found on Facebook and Deviantart. She also has an Etsy store where she currently sells prints of her work.