Five Rivers welcomes Jessica Allain to the creative team

We are pleased to welcome artist, Jessica Allain, to our creative team. Jessica Allain is a self taught digital artist who was born and raised on the East Coast of New Brunswick, Canada. Jessica began painting at an early age, and was always interested in artistic pursuits well into adulthood. As a young adult Jessica began oil painting, and had many of her pieces featured in community galleries as well as local restaurants and cafes….

Patrick Hunter discusses cover art creative process

October 1, 2016 The Great Sky, by D.G. Laderoute releases in both print and eBook. The YA novel, the second by Thunder Bay writer, D.G. Laderoute, is an urban fantasy. The first time Piper Preach died he was ten years old. But the Anishnaabe spirits thought otherwise. Now, six year later, Piper struggles with the hard realities of life in a big city. The ancient ways of his people are a distant memory. But the spirits aren’t…