Western King now in audiobook

Western KingThe second novel in Ann Marston’s unforgettable Rune Blades of Celi series, Western Kingis now available in audiobook. Once more beautifully narrated by the gifted Austin VanfleetWestern King is available through Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Audiobooks are an excellent addition to your reading repertoire, allowing you to listen to book at work and play, or when your eyes are just too tired to deal with print or eBook. Listening to a well-narrated audiobook is almost like listening to old radio plays, which may be a cultural creation beyond many peoples’ ken these days. But for those of us who do have memory of gathering around a radio, listening to a CBC production of Susannah Moodie, or further back to The Shadowaudiobooks are a modern interpretation of a familiar pastime.

Western King continues the story of Red Kian. He now has three sons and has ruled as regent of Skai.

One of Kian’s sons is a prince of Skai blood, one is a wizard touched by Tyadda fire, and one is a dreamer who longs to unite the Celi against their enemies. Who will inherit the rune blade known as Kingmaker? Who will have the power to confront the Black Riders who bring darkness like a cloak to cover the land?

The answer will surprise you. Just as it surprises them.

Join Ann Marston and Austin Vanfleet in the continuing saga of The Rune Blades of Celi: Western King.