Cat’s Game now available for pre-order

Cat’s Game, the dramatic conclusion to The Empire of Kaz, now available for pre-order

Cat's GameLeslie Gadallah’s SF adventure, The Empire of Kazconcludes with the release of Cat’s Game, October 1, 2018.

There is a storm coming.

The Kazi Empire may have been beaten back temporarily, but is inexorably returning to the offensive. Ehreh leads a small group of Oriani scientists developing a new weapon to defeat the Kazi once and for all—if only he can get anyone to listen.

How is an elderly academic supposed to navigate the politics, rivalries, and special interests that dominate the Strategic Conference that decides these things? How can he tell friend from foe when half the representatives he meets are actually spying for someone else? How can Eheh convince a multitude of alien races to collaborate, when even many of his of own people oppose the plan?

And so it falls to Lauren Fox, an ordinary human in the wrong place at the wrong time, to come up with a workable plan to implement Eheh’s final solution.

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Leslie Gadallah

Leslie Gadallah grew up in Alberta and is currently living in Lethbridge. Educated as a chemist, she has worked in analytical, agricultural, biological and clinical chemistry. She has written popular science for newspapers and radio and has served as technical editor. She is the author of three other SF novels and a number of short stories. Her current house panther is a coal black nuisance called Spook.

Leslie can be found through her blog.