Allow me to introduce: Ann Marston

Ann Marston
Ann Marston

It was in 2012 Five Rivers undertook to bring back to Ann Marston’s fans her acclaimed and much-loves series, The Rune Blades of Celi. 

Ann’s understanding of Scottish culture, her refusal to accept standard Celtic fantasy tropes, and highly readable prose, were all attractive qualities that convinced us Ann’s work needed to remain accessible to readers. Now, eight novels later, her work is slowly being brought to a new audience through audiobooks.

There are six novels in the Rune Blades of Celi series.

Ann went on to write two previously unpublished novels, Diamonds in Black Sandwhich is a lyrical YA fantasy that will thrum the heartstrings of anyone who loves the sea; and a departure into the realm of the supernatural in A Still and Bitter GraveIt is in this novel Ann’s intimate familiarly with aviation shines, and for any pilots out there this is sure to please.

Ann Marston has worked as a teacher, a flight instructor, an airline pilot, airport manager and literacy coordinator, and several other odd and assorted careers in between. While maintaining this weird schedule, she has also been writing most of her adult life.

Together with her friend Barb Galler-Smith, she teaches writing fantasy at Grant McEwan University in Edmonton, and mentors up-and-coming writers in a writers’ group that grew out of the writing classes. She lives in Alberta, Canada.

So, in this Five Rivers’ 10th anniversary, we’re very pleased Ann Marston has shared that journey for six years of that decade. We think you’ll find her novels the perfect escape.