New 4-star review for From Mountains of Ice

Well colour me tickled

Imagine my delight when fellow author, Louise Spilsbury, wrote this review of my fantasy novel, From Mountains of Ice.

If you enjoy stories with rich characterization and intricate world-building, told in leisurely, lyrical prose dense with imagery, “From Mountains of Ice” is for you. I love stories that immerse the reader in moment-by-moment action, and this story doesn’t disappoint. I especially love the story’s celebration of honour and integrity; these are values largely lost in our modern world, and it’s refreshing to visit a world where the protagonist has a strong code of responsibility and obligation. The only thing that held me back from a five-star rating was the fact that I found the chapters to be overly long. Packaging the action into shorter chapters would, for me, have provided the comforting psychological cues for “this is a good place to pause”. It’s purely a personal preference, however, and doesn’t detract from the excellence of the story. Highly recommended.

From Mountains of Ice is available in trade paperback, ebook, and audiobook through my website, your favourite online bookseller, by special order through your indie bookseller, as well as libraries, and elibrary.

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From Mountains of Ice