Another 5-star review for Dreams of the Moon

Review from fellow author

Dreams of the Moon

Fellow author, Michèle Laframboise, reviewed my collection of fantastica short stories, Dreams of the MoonI am quite amazed. Here’s her review.

To read Dreams of the Moon is like to look at a generous buffet with lots of delicacies to choose from. None of the stories are copies of each other, or even in the same genre, they run the gamut of dark fantastic (the titular story) and science-fiction, progressing from the darker tales to the more hopeful.

I was specially touched by “Intersection” set in Toronto, with a very (apparently) simple problem to solve. Crossing a wide street; how difficult can it be? The answer : veeery difficult when you’re an autistic. The story seamlessly mixes SF and mental health.

But I also discovered the woes of being an immortal with people passing through your life, or trying to reconnect with your dead daughter in the subway, or celebrating family in the far space…

Lorina’s buffet is full of strange encounters, like a grizzly casually drinking Coke from your fridge and philosophing. Bon appétit!


Le recueil de nouvelles de Lorina Stephens, Dreams of the Moon réunit des récits fantastiques et attachants en un buffet varié et appétissant.

Mon histoire favorite était Intersection, qui se déroule à Toronto. Qui aurait dit que traverser Bay Street pouvait être si difficile pour une angoissée? Heureusement, la technologie et un frère aimant peuvent aider. Un touche délicate sur la santé mentale.

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