Horror Storycrafting Session Saturday

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Hello writers!

Our horror event is happening in just a couple of days! If you missed our previous announcement, check out the full schedule below & claim your panel tickets today!


11AM – 12PM EST: Haunted Houses and Other Spooky Places: Creating Atmospheric Settings in Horror

This panel will explore why haunting house stories are enduringly popular, what makes a setting creepy, and how to use setting to evoke a sense of horror in your own stories.

Moderated by Dianna Gunn

Panelists: Brenda RadchikPamela K. KinneyMato C LawrencePriya Sridhar

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12:30PM – 1:30PM EST: Spirits, Ghosts, and Ghouls: Emotional Echoes and Supernatural Encounters 

An exciting discussion on how and why weaving spirits, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomena into your horror novel can guide your horror story development and engage your readers!

Moderated by Lex Vranick

Panelists: Briana MorganKaki OlsenMary FarnstromRory Harbert

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2:30 – 3:30PM EST: Crossroad Blues: Exploring the Boundary Between Life and Death

Horror often seeks to explore the depth of human experience… including the boundary between life and death.  This panel will discuss how to work these themes into your own horror stories.

Moderated by Laura Nettles

Panelists: Barbara A BarnettJean M HodgesBethany A PerryLorina Stephens

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4 – 5PM EST: Dire Warnings: Building Social Critique and Concern into Your Horror Writing

A discussion about how horror has historically critiqued real issues within our society + how you can work social critique into your own horror.

Moderated by Dianna Gunn

Panelists: Lex VranickTim McGregorJaecyn Boné (Charli)Mato C Lawrence

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5:30 – 6:30PM EST: Gothic, Cosmic, Apocalyptic: Understanding Subgenres of Horror

This panel will define the differences between popular horror subgenres like gothic horror and cosmic horror.

Moderated by Jade Benjamin

Panelists: Alex WoodroeSìne PerilHannah BrownDes M Astor

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We’ll see you there!