Short story appears in On Spec

So today’s exciting news is I have a short story appearing in On Spec Magazine.

What is On Spec?

On Spec Magazine is a quarterly journal of Fantastic Literature, published by the Copper Pig Society. The magazine has won several Prix Aurora Awards, and has been a Canadian icon in Fantastic Literature since 1989.


My short story

I wrote a strange and challenging story, “Water Rights”, which explores not only rights to Canada’s waterways, but an Anishinaabe legend. I’m hoping you’ll come away with a sort of Twilight Zone resonance when you read it. And that, I’m afraid, is all I’m going to tell you about the story.

Who Appears in Issue 121?

The table of contents:

  • Colleen Anderson
  • Erik Bundy
  • Glenn Clifton
  • Mary J. Daley
  • Karl Den
  • Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk
  • Barb Galler-Smith
  • Roberta Laurie
  • Cat McDonald
  • Josh Pearce
  • Rory Say
  • Ziggy Schutz
  • Kat Siddle
  • Lorina Stephens
  • Jean-Louis Trudel
  • Pamela Yuen
  • cover art by Herman Lau
Plus I’m Interviewed!

Roberta Laurie spent time with me via Zoom a few months ago, during which we chatted about “Water Rights”, my writing process, where my muse resides, and the like. She’s a pretty fascinating person, and I had such a lovely time being interviewed by her. Roberta’s interview appears in this issue of On Spec.

Subscribing to On Spec

A year’s subscription to On Spec is ridiculously inexpensive, with both a print and digital version available. Why not give them a gander. I think you’ll be entertained.