Eye of Strife ‘a page-turner’ says Goodreads reviewer

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May 16, 15

Read in May, 2015

The Eye of Strife is not a long book, but it is brimming with everything Dave Duncan fans love and have come to expect. The religious and political systems ring true. There’s intrigue, romance, action (yes, more swordfighting), gods who take an active interest in the lives of their worshippers, a mysterious, possibly powerful, talisman, and a strong sense of justice. His voice is engaging, devious, sly and humourous.

It’s a book that will appeal especially to those who like the Omar books and The Alchemist’s Apprentice series. In some ways, it’s a cross between Agatha Christie’s gathering of the suspects and Tolkien’s quests.

That this is his 50th book had escaped my notice until today; it’s an accomplishment worthy of applause. The Eye of Strife is a page-turner from start to the all-too-soon climax.

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